The Best blood pressure monitors in 2022: The UK’s Most Popular monitors Rated & Reviewed.

Dr Sarah Robertson, Editor
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Thanks to advances in accuracy, battery life and ease of use – many home based blood pressure monitors have become just as accurate as their hospital counterparts.  We’ve seen a huge increase in customers taking their own readings rather than risking an unnecessary trip to the doctors, ever since the dreaded pandemic hit us.

That said, the home based blood pressure market has become cluttered with poor quality products and dodgy internet sellers. Please take care when considering making a purchase, especially with home medical products. If the price seems to good to be true, it probably is. Accuracy may be poor, which defeats the point of buying the product. Even well recognised brands are rushing to put out subpar product that is not worth your hard earned money.

This is where we come in…
If you’re thinking of buying a blood pressure monitor, this list (updated monthly) will help you make the best choice with a focus on accuracy and ease of use, features, and overall value for your money.

1. VitalTrack Pro (NHS approved): Editor’s pick for the most accurate readings & ease of use.

Visitor Rating (14,567):
  • Update: Sale Price Still Available (last checked: 2 days ago)

Where to buy the VitalTrack in the UK?

The best blood pressure monitor for accuracy, ease of use, and price point come from a brand that has been slowly dominating the UK market for the past five years. Recommended by many professionals and consultants, this monitor is easily one of the best we’ve tried. It provided like for like performance against a hospital machine used on the operating tables costing a small fortune.  The hospital machine was used as the benchmark and we compared it against the monitors featured in our list.


So what makes the VitalTrack Pro the best all around blood pressure monitor?

Unmatched accuracy, at a price point accessible to everybody. The VitalTrack Pro was designed from the ground up to be the most accurate and easy to use blood pressure monitor for the home.  It’s not overloaded with fancy extras which are simply not needed for home use.  It does the job it has set out to do in an extremely accurate manner and uses a one button operation method. Simply wrap the cuff around your arm and press the button.  That’s it, nothing else to do.  It uses a screen which is clutter free and a joy to read.  Many of these newer monitors overwhelm the user with a complicated screen and multiple settings. Fast 24-48 hour delivery is included free.

True Medical Grade Accuracy. The problem with many home based medical devices is that the accuracy can be questionable.  You want a straight forward result that you can understand and be confident the machine has reported it correctly, otherwise what’s the point?.  Tested against our hospital machine the VitalTrack Pro was the only monitor to consistently match the results time after time, using multiple participants.  It gives complete and total peace of mind, especially if you’re needing to report the results back to your doctor.

Holds 99 (x2) Readings. If you’re tracking your progress or wondering what your readings are throughout the day, the VitalTrack Pro will save your results (and one other persons) for up to 99 readings.  This is extremely handy as you can look back at the time and date and see exactly what your readings were throughout an extended time period.

EDITOR’S NOTE: VitalTrack is now available with £30 off this month (while stocks last)  VitalTrack have knocked £30 off their normal price of £88.99 bringing the monitor to just £58.99 at the time of writing.

UK based customer support. We have been continuously disappointed with blood pressure monitors in the past, even from medical giants like Omron. Part of that disappointment comes with poor or absent customer service. We tested VitalTrack on several occasions with questions and every time received proper replies within an hour. That demonstrates commitment to the UK market and contributes greatly to our award of Editor’s Pick.

2. Omron M2: Solid but loose cuff issues remain £63.00 at

Visitor Rating (3,987):

Where to buy the Omron M2 in the UK

If you aren’t price sensitive, Omron may be the brand for you. This home blood pressure monitor comes with fewer accessories than the Healthpoint, but offer a more generalist approach to the format from a long standing trusted brand, recommended the world over.


Why Omron makes the list of best blood pressure monitors in the UK

Good overall quality from trusted brand. Omron have been in the business for a long time and produce some of the highest grade hospital equipment you can find.  The M2 is a great home monitor but the cuff does have a tendency to come loose unless fitted perfectly.

Excellent marks for accuracy. While the accuracy wasn’t quite as good as the Healthpoint, the overall measurements matched the hospital grade machine we’ve been testing against quite well. They are a little more expensive, but you are paying for the brand name.

Cuff can cause issues. For the most part the Omron M2 is a fantastic device.  Some of our participants in the test reported the cuff becoming loose as mentioned before.  It seems the cuff needs to be in the exact position to gain an accurate reading.  It takes a little getting used to but once you’ve found the spot (everyone is different) the device works brilliantly.

3. A&D Medical UA-1020: Accurate Monitor but showing its age

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Where to buy the A&D UA-1020 in the UK

A&D has delved into the home blood pressure monitors category by focusing on bluetooth. And while the UA-1020 is an excellent first product, it suffers from an aging Bluetooth chipset and mediocre battery life, costing A&D a higher position in our list. A strange choice in choosing an older BT version, rather than the latest 5.0, given they place an emphasis in the connectivity.


Why A&D gets our approval for the home

Great accuracy that comes at a cost. While A&D has engineered a product that is indeed worthy for home use, it does come at a cost. Reduced battery life and Bluetooth 4.1 instead of 5.0 hurt the product and age it to the first generation of monitors. Other than that, the monitor works very well and accuracy is as good as you’d expect from a brand like this.

Comes with huge array of options. You’re able to hook your mobile device up to this monitor and tinker with the myriad of settings available.  It’s handy to look back at the saved measurements but setting up can be a little tasking, especially if you’re not used to pairing devices to your phone and network.  If this is something you enjoy doing then the benefits are fantastic and can trump most on this list.

Built for home use. While A&D are known worldwide for their outstanding medical equipment, their folly into home based readers is a relatively new one.  Whilst touted as for home use we do recommend a professional to set this device up as it’s not always clear when pairing your devices. They also need calibrating once a year on average to stay accurate.

Runners-up: Best Blood Pressure Monitors

There are many home based blood pressure monitors in the US market. And while we attempt to test as many as possible for our readers, some units simply don’t make the cut. Here’s a quick peek at monitors that didn’t make the list.

Microlife WatchBP – £68.39 at

Visitor Rating (22):
Microlife UB build on the iconic blue design with a slightly new shape and capabilities along with a new stretch cuff that in theory will keep it secure when moving about. Unfortunately, these added features only manage to bring Microlife in line with competitors, not above them. And whilst other products operate perfectly without the need for a mobile device to be connected via bluetooth, Microlife require it and many users simply feel this is overcomplicating the situation.

Braun ExactFit5 – £90.00 at

Visitor Rating (391):
Braun is well known for it’s quality and overall aesthetic, so we were surprised to find the Exactfit fall a bit flat. While the monitor works well, it’s just a royal pain to get setup.  It’s a classic case of overloading a device with far too many options.  You’re not buying a blood pressure monitor for any other reason than to get an accurate measurement and while the Braun can do this, it’s a lot of work getting to the stage.  Setup screens and complicated pairing options puts this out of touch for most.

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Overall 2022 Winner:

1. VitalTrack Pro: Editor’s pick for best home blood pressure monitor. £58.99 at
Our Rating

2. Omron M2: Solid if cuff fits
£63.00 at

Our Rating

3. A&D UA-1020: Home monitor that lives up to the A&D name.  £81.86 at
Our Rating

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