The Best egg chairs In 2022: The USA’s Most Popular Eggs Rated & Reviewed.

Sarah Robertson, Editor
  • Updated September, 2022
Egg chairs have exploded in popularity over the past few years, especially since the pandemic has been on.  Thanks to influencers such as Mrs Hinch and a wild array of celebrities, sales have been through the roof.  So much so that they have become one of the most popular luxury household items, and for good reason.  They provide a quirky, quality place for relaxation and the good ones can transform your space into something special.

That said, the market has seen a surge in poor quality chairs not made for purpose. As we know, cheaper is not always better but that doesn’t mean we need to pay sky high prices for the ultimate Egg chair.  We’ve rounded up the best egg chairs based on popularity and gave them a thorough testing so you don’t have to.  Our criteria was: Quality, design, value for money and customer service.

If you’re thinking of buying an egg chair, this list (updated monthly) will help you make the best decision for your needs.

1. The Sophisticated Egg: Editor’s pick for best design, quality and value for money.

Visitor Rating (14,567):
  • Update: Sale Price Still Available (last checked 19/09/22)
Our 2022 winner for design, material quality and price point come from a brand that has only been around for a few years in the US, after dominating the UK market. This egg chair is easily one of the best we have ever tested. A strong, high quality sturdy base, beautifully designed with deep dreamy cushions. The Sophisticated Egg became the benchmark for others in this shootout to follow.


So what makes The Sophisticated Egg the best all around hanging egg chair?

The best egg chair on the market to date. The Sophisticated Egg was designed from the ground up to be a high quality construction, with contemporary design and comfort levels that haven’t been matched.  We were happy to see that it’s simple to setup and take down (which is handy if you are moving it from garden to home) and takes about 5 minutes with one person.  It uses a unique construction of the egg, a design we have not seen before but absolutely love.  It really stands out from the other eggs in our list. Customer service have been great too, with very helpful staff.  Super fast 3-5 day delivery is included free.

All weather chair. The Sophisticated Egg uses an italian rattan like material which has been designed with the outdoors in mind.  You can keep this chair outside permently without worry from the rain and wind, it will not degrade. Although they do recommend removing the cushions in the winter months and rain.  If you can cover the chair when possible, even better – you will get the most out of it.  The steel base will not rust or change with the weather.

Holds 150kg. The chair has been safety checked to 150kg so will hold even the most burley of customers.  While it’s not designed for two people, if you want to be close quaters with a partner or friend, two people can sit inside the chair together at a squeeze, as long as they weight comes under 150kg’s.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Sophisticated Egg is now available with $300 off this month (while stocks last). The Sophisticated Egg have knocked $300 off their normal price of $699.99 bringing the chair to just $399.99 at the time of writing.

US based customer support. We have been continuously disappointed with furniture companies outsourcing their support teams from countries such as India. Part of that disappointment comes with poor or absent/delayed customer service. We tested The Sophisticated Egg on several occasions with questions and every time received proper replies within an hour. That demonstrates commitment to the US market and contributes greatly to our award of Editor’s Pick.  They also have a live chat feature and phone support.

2. Mason Hanging Egg Chair: Beautiful, intricate design.

Visitor Rating (3,987):

Where to buy the Mason Hanging Egg in the US

Another egg with a unique design which involves a dual layer construction that provides high sturdyness at a cost of high weight.  We loved this design but could see why this may be a marmite type of chair.  You will either love or hate the design.  It’s dreamy comfort levels combined with its standout looks make this a top contender in our list, it just didn’t quite meet the levels The Sophisticated Egg has.


Why the Mason makes the list of best egg chairs in the US

Great overall quality from Grandinroad. When you buy something from this renowned US brand you know you are going to get something special.  High quality construction and good comfort levels makes this egg a stand out piece.  Designed to be used in the home or outside, you can have the best of both worlds from this fantastic chair.
Excellent marks for customer service. Thankfully you can reach out to Grandinroad and received a speedy reply from a US base.  We had a few questions when setting the chair up and one of their support reps was only to keen to help.  Ideally this is a two person job to setup the chair, but it only took us roughly 15 minutes when we got the right advice.  Our only gripe was that we had to wait 3 weeks for the chair to be delivered.
Cushions can have issues. For the most part the Mason is a fantastic chair.  After running multiple tests (relaxing with friends!) we noticed the cushions would sit rather flat after prolonged use and need some fluffing up action to bring them back into shape.  It is recommended to fluff your pillows regulary to keep them large, deep and comfortable.

3. Fincham Swing Chair By Mistana: Beautiful but comfortable?

Visitor Rating (867):

Where to buy the Fincham Swing Chair in the US

Mistana is a fairly new company without much historic background.  We did notice that is was quite popular for its egg chair known as the ‘Fincham’.  We loved the design and this is what drew us first to this chair.  The setup seemed more complicated than needed and took us about an hour to get going.  Once up, the Fincham looked elegant in our test room.


Why Fincham gets our approval for the home

Great design and a competitive price point. While Leisuregrow has engineered a product that is indeed worthy for home or outdoor use, it does come at a cost. While comfort is generally considered subjective, we found an interesting trait amoung forum users (which is were we found out about the Lyon) and half of our testing team.  About 30% of users complained about the comfort levels after an hours use – the cushion angles force the user into a set position, which doesn’t seem to agree with everyone.  If you can get past this, and are not affected then really you have a wonderful chair at an amazing price point.
Comes in different colours. While we prefer its flagship colour, the Lyon also comes in a sage green and white colourways. It’s nice to see this new company offering different options for customers.  We generally have found these other colours to be out of stock most of the time, unless you do not mind waiting.
Built for home use. While not much is known about the Finchams durability, some users have reported degredation to their chairs when they have been left outside.  The company are keen to stress that this is an indoor chair and cannot be used outside, however many people will use these chairs in the summer months outside.  Just beware they are not rated for outdoor use and will need proper covering under bad weather.

Runners-up: Best Egg Chairs

There are many hanging egg chairs in the US market. And while we attempt to test as many as possible for our readers, some units simply don’t make the cut. Here’s a quick peek at some egg chairs that didn’t make the list.

Bombay Porch Swing With Stand – $780 at

Visitor Rating (22):
We loved the looks of the Bombay and spotted this being sold by All Modern.  It seemed to have good reviews but construction feels quite weak and uncomfortable.  While it may look lovely, if it’s not comfy then there’s not much point.  The egg rattan feels like it needs to be smoothed out more and catches the skin quite regulary.  Overall we were not impressed unless you’re just after a show piece.

Walker Edison – $558 at

Visitor Rating (14,567):
Bloomingdales have manufactured their own version of an egg chair which has recently gone on sale.  The construction is fantastic, and is part of a matching garden set featuring a heater and bench.  This chair is really aimed at outdoor use – and strangely not suitable for indoor – this is why the low mark.  The chair is rather large and will make even a medium sized room look small.  It does not seem to look good anywhere inside we placed it, it felt awkward and unruly.  It’s also priced on the higher end of the scale, for this money we’d much prefer any other chair on our list.

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Overall 2022 Winner:

1. The Sophisticated Egg: The best of the best. $399.99 at
Our Rating

2. Mason Hanging Egg: Great quality & price
$879.20 at
Our Rating

3. Fincham Hanging EggGreat new design for smaller people.  $346.99 at
Our Rating

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