October 2022

Best Pulse Oximeters In The UK

Oximeters thoroughly reviewed and tested by our independant, certified specialists.

Avoid cheap, inaccurate oximeters and chose the best oximeter, with medical grade accuracy. We’ve tested tens of oximeters using our extensive 1 month fair test program. The list of pulse oximeters below is our Top 10 reviewed oximeters based on accuracy, price, and customer support.

Independant, extensive testing: See our expert panel & review process

#1 Rated Oximeter


Exceptional true medical grade accuracy with premium OLED screen at a fantastic price currently on sale – Healthpoint Pro Oximeter is an excellent choice for home use, backed up by user reviews.

 £44.99  £29.99


4.9 / 5



Beurer P030

Great accuracy and competitive price.  The Beurer P030 provides the user an accurate measurement when needed most.



4.2 / 5



ADC Medical Oximeter

Medical grade accuracy with a plethora of options.  Large easy to read screen provides quick understanding of levels.  User satisfaction rating of 90%



4.0 / 5



Nonin 9590

High end medical grade oximeter.  Used by many clinics and performs exceptionally well.  Easy to use and has bluetooth connectivity.



4.0 / 5



Alerta Pulse Oximeter

Great oximeter from a relatively new brand.  Accuracy is on point and the screen provides an easy to understand, clear reading.  Attractive price point makes this a great choice.



3.9 / 5



Kinetik Wellbeing Pulse Oximeter

In association with St Johns ambulance, this oximeter providers fantastic accuracy with a well designed base.



3.8 / 5



ChoiceMmed Childrends Oximeter

Designed with children in mind, this oximeter provides fantastic accuracy in a comfortable and fun manner. Comes in different colours.



3.4 / 5



Pilot Finger Pulse Oximeter

Popular amoungst pilots, this pulse oximeter gives accurate readings even at high altitude.  A basic no nonsense oximeter designed with altitude in mind



3.1 / 5



Homedics Oximeter

A simple, basic device which works well for home use.  Priced well and passed all of our tests with a high user satisfaction rating of 90%



3 / 5



Dr Talbots Pulse Oximeter

A new device from Dr Talbots.  Measure sp02 and perfusion index.  While we feel the accuracy is good, the build quality lets it down.



2.9 / 5


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How do we choose the best?

Health and living seeks to give the most relevant information about the oxiemeters we review. Our reviews are based both on objective (such as accuracy metrics) and subjective (e. g. user-friendliness, customer support) criteria. Oximeter providers make constant updates regarding the provision of their services, thus, we do our best to keep up with them and change our reviews accordingly. However, please note the pricing could change quite frequently.

What is an Oximeter?

The oxygen saturation level of your blood can be measured with a non-invasive procedure called pulse oximetry. It can quickly identify even minute variations in oxygen levels. These levels demonstrate how well blood transports oxygen to your arms and legs, which are the extremities that are farthest from your heart. It looks like a little clip and is called a pulse oximeter. It fastens to a body component, usually a finger. In critical care environments like hospitals or ERs, medical practitioners frequently employ them. Some medical professionals, like pulmonologists, may employ them in clinical settings. Even at home, you can use one.

What Does a VPN Do?

Clinicians can test a patient’s blood oxygen levels in a painless and accurate manner using a pulse oximeter.  When you breathe, oxygen enters your lungs, travels through thin membranes, and enters your bloodstream. From there, red blood cells take up the oxygen and transport it to various organs throughout the body.  A pulse oximeter is a little instrument that often glides over your fingertip or attaches to your ear lobe and measures how strongly oxygen binds to your red blood cells via infrared light refraction. Peripheral capillary oxygen saturation, or SpO2, is a measurement of oxygen saturation used by oximeters to determine blood oxygen levels.